Founders' Page


Ana C.M.M. Gregori

Henrique Sergio C.S. Gregori

Ana and Henrique were born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Both grew up in different neighborhoods of Rio, but in a similar family environment that fostered the core values now embedded in HSG Initiative LLC (HSGI). From a young age, they were inspired by and participated in social impact initiatives, most of which structured via partnerships. Even before the framework  of the UN's SDGs  had been developed, such partnership initiatives were perfectly aligned with the spirit of today's 17th SDG, providing for :

  • Preservation of the Brazilian cultural heritage with emphasis on the Portuguese language;
  • Social engagement through education - simultaneously providing low-income communities with access to technology;
  • Research and development of a legal framework, based on free market values, favorable to  a global flow of investments, also aiming to provide Brazilian workers with diversification and control of specific compulsory contributions derived from their wages.

Ana devotes her life to her passions : family, teaching as a volunteer and social impact initiatives. Henrique is an accomplished fund manager who shares Ana’s passions and seeks to bring social impact to the capital markets and particularly to the asset management world. They reside in the USA.

HSGI’s founders strongly believe that, in many dimensions, any business is as good as the good it does. This belief led them to continue pursuing  their social impact efforts through impact investing and partnerships, finding synergies with other like-minded partners.